Jewish Redhead BBCWL6

Jewish Redhead – Another Black Cock Slut (BBCWL6)

Number 6 of our BBCWhoreList goes to this sexy foxy lady. This pretty enigma is going by several names however most of us who watched her porn videos will recognize her as Jewish Redhead.

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Here are her public info:

Name: Jewish Redhead (aka Tamara, Empire of Texas JewishRedheadWifewithBF )
Status: Have BF but not married yet.
Nationality: White American
Home Town: Los Angeles, CA but she is in London, UK ( Britons were so eager to stole her from us 😛 )
Porn Status: Amateur – She is retired or not active
BBC Dedication: She does both black and white cocks ( True Slut )
Claim to fame: Nothing unique, Like other BBC sluts, She is fucking black cocks in presents of his BF.

Jewish Redhead has a few video’s that I found, however her videos are one of the first IR Cuckolding Video’s I ran into it, as I were given into this. From what I was able to see it seems like she is not with his cucked BF any more inside the videos and she has moved to London – England. She genuinely turned into smoking warm and I would love to see her in greater films however I don’t suppose its going to happen in near future. Just imagine she marry a white nationalist in UK, When the guy finds out about her race and past he will passed out LOL. She is Jew and She has fucked so many BBC that she has lost the counts. Just kidding, There is no info in regards to her BF in England. ( you guys can send her your proposals )

You Can find her Videos at below addresses, Hopefully there are so much stuff about this bitch on Internet. Her name is some how branded to her and its not a generic keyword like the rest of these dumb sluts. She has an inactive hislut account too.



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Video 1:

Video 2:

  1. There is a recent site I stumbled upon unidenified BBC whorelist. There was some pics of a a doctor milf . Was wondering if there was any links to her videos . There is a pic of her with her husband and son I am assuming . Hopefully that is helpful . Thank you

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