Mandy Monroe BBCWL7

Mandy Monroe – White milf that loves big black cocks ( BBCWL7)

Our 7th BBC Whore List embody’ the word MILF however more importantly her love for Black Cock . She is Mrs. Mandy Monroe.

Here are her public info:

Name: Mandy Monroe
Status: Married
Nationality: White American
Home Town: USA
Porn Status: She is an active amateur pornstar
BBC Dedication: She does both black and white Cocks! (typical bbcwhorelist style!)
Claim to fame: Sexy white getting fucked hard by black guys infront of her cucked husband

Being that Mandy is a Porn Star she has heaps of stuff on the internet it is now not too hard to discover Video’s or Pictures. However it’s far tough to discover simple records like wherein she is from or how long she has been cuckolding.

Here is a short synopsis from her website. “When I got married, my husband and I have been both virgins. Of path we spent a lot of time gaining knowledge of the way to pride every other. I didn’t tell my hubby this in the beginning, but once we had been together the primary time, I instantly knew that I wanted to fuck other men. Not because he wasn’t amazingly hot, however because intercourse turned into so excellent that I desired to attempt it out with others and a lot. Fast forward some years and my desire might come genuine.

My extraordinary hubby comes to me and asks if he can communicate to me about our sex lifestyles. We proceed to have a dialogue about how he needs me to fuck different men! (I already knew he had a very voyeuristic side and he cherished to watch me have satisfaction.) Of path I “acted” stunned, however with a wicked grin on my face, informed him I might reflect on consideration on it.”

We love you Mandy!

She has lots of videos on Internet and Finding them is hopefully easy. She makes a little money on her website, If you are her fan, Its a kind act to buy a few months membership on her website, It will help her in her bills.


She resemble a little like Holly Wetlove to me.

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